Dubai – Cultural Extravaganza

Dubai is a bustling, vibrant destination that unabashedly boasts of being the ultimate family holiday experience. There is something for everyone.

A dazzling array of International Hotel Brands to choose from. Splendid Malls that offer the world’s best shopping experience. Unique local excursions will put happiness in every heart.

Intentionally or not, Dubai projects itself using a great variation on an old saying, but with a new twist: “The family that plays together, stays together.”

Exclusive Family Holidays
in Dubai

On arrival into the glittering opulence of the cityscape of Dubai, it is difficult to imagine that this posh, swashbuckling mega city has roots in humble beginnings. It started off as a nondescript fishing village early in the 18th century. Due to it’s coastal location and close proximity to Iran, it gradually rose in importance to become a bustling trading centre. As the passage of goods and business gradually increased, Dubai became an important port by the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, the futuristic city skyline of Dubai reaches ever skywards with an impatient, breath-taking urgency that is matched only by its aspirations to dominate the global business stage for a long time to come. As a result, this beautiful city has laid claim to many unique benchmarks that makes it an exciting, must-visit destination for a memorable visit.



The dazzling shopping malls and glitzy souks in Dubai are its lifeblood that lends vibrancy and energy to the very culture and lifestyle of the city. The most notable landmark is the Dubai Mall that plays home to 1300 posh international retail outlets, a giant aquarium, an indoor ice-skating rink and an actual dinosaur skeleton. Then there is the famous and exotic Gold Souk that will leave you enthralled by a genuine Arabian Nights experience.

Historical Ethos

The Al Fahidi Historic District and the Dubai Museum together, offer a priceless glimpse into the history and culture of this prominent emirate that metamorphosed out of a rigid tradition shaped by the barren desert. Not to be missed is the Dubai Musem, which is located within the nearby Al Fahidi Fort. Together with its well-maintained artefacts and expertly curated narrative, it will make the past come alive as a vividly personal experience.

The Desert Experience

Dubai’s desert experience is a thrilling must do. It presents a variety of possible activities ranging from supervised camel treks in the dunes, to sandboarding, wadi-bashing and the more enjoyable campfire feasts under the glittering star-studded sky of a crisply invigorating desert nightfall. The dinner is made all the more memorable by the accompaniment of traditional music and the graceful gyrations of local folk dancers to liven up the mood.

Dubai – Cultural Extravaganza

(3 Nights & 4 Days)

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