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Worldwide Holidays Club, as the name suggests, is a company that takes leisure time activities seriously. We believe that intelligently planned leisure time and activities reinforce the body and allow for the growth and development of new neural pathways in the brain that are created during times of intense intellectual activity such as during a normal working day at any modern-day, high-octane office.

In order to keep pace with a high-stress, high-expectation, highly professional work place and work style, we provide the perfect complement of holidays, off-site training programs and physical fitness modules to keep your workforce fighting fit and highly motivated.

The company was formed around 4 years ago as a result of the economic downturn and a dwindling of joie de vivre in the general marketplace that caused many companies and industries to go into withdrawal mode. We, however, believe that times of great stress and turmoil throw up great opportunities for growth, innovation and advancement.

The promoters of the company individually carry as much as 25 years of exemplary, fruitful experience in Tourism and Event Management, enriched by imaginative and innovative ideas gleaned from careful and perceptive observation of every event and holiday handled over the years.

We operate in the areas of Business Events, Conferences, Employees’ and Dealers’ Incentive Programs, Off-site Training Programs and Exhibitions. We deal with both, the business aspect and the fun aspect in a sensitive, balanced manner.

What is M.I.C.E.

M.I.C.E. is an acronym that describes the various services and segments of the Meetings Industry.

The Meetings Industry affords you the tools to broadcast your successes and achievements through Conferences and Incentive Programs, to build and showcase your brand through Product Launches, high-powered Media & Social Events and so on.

We are proud to admit that we possess exceptional expertise in this exciting and fast-growing area of the Event Management Services industry.

We show you little-known, insiders' secrets to making powerful leadership statements through a successful Meetings and Events strategy.

How You Benefit

Our comprehensive range of services go from concept and consultation to delivering impeccably orchestrated Events for Indian Corporate Houses and Multi-national Corporations in some of the world's most exotic destinations.

Working with each client on a one-to-one basis, we tailor your event to your specific needs. We take on the role of coordinator and consultant, responsible for the logistical, technical, administrative and financial matters involved in organising and conducting meetings.

This is a beneficial arrangement for you, as the client, which allows you to devote valuable time and energy to the preparation of the theme and professional content and to the realisation of the actual objective of the meeting - the area where you are technically and professionally indispensable.

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