Top 5 Cruise Packages

Going on a cruise is a fantastic way to to see a variety of countries and experience cultures in luxurious surroundings as cruise ships are known for their luxury with pretty much every facility you can think of being available on board. Your cruise will largely involve travelling by night and spending the day docked in the port of somewhere new and all you have to do is explore and enjoy.

Cruises are available around pretty much every region in the world from the Norwegian Fjords to the Caribbean Islands and beyond and as you are travelling as part of your holiday you get to see whole regions rather than just the one country.

Probably the most popular cruise destination is the Caribbean. Known for its crystal clear waters, exotic islands and amazing beaches, there are a number of different cruise options to choose from. Check out the ancient Mayan ruins in Belize or climb the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica. Check the itinerary and make sure the Island that you want to visit is included.

Mediterranean Cruises are also some of the most popular. Experience a fantastic mix of exotic North Africa and sophisticated European destinations that this cruise has to offer. Immerse yourself in the culture of cities such as Cairo, Rome and Barcelona. Explore art galleries and museums but do leave time to enjoy the plethora of amazing cuisine from this region .

The Mexican Riviera is also a very popular cruise. With crystal blue translucent seas and lush dense jungles, Mexico boasts one of the most spectacular coastlines. Enjoy stop overs in Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Catalina and Puerto Vallarta. This cruise is particularly good for those who enjoy watersports but the shoppers will not be too disappointed either!
If wildlife and nature are more up your street then you may have considered an Alaskan cruise. This is your chance to experience real wilderness and untouched country whilst spotting whales and even bears and other amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. Stop overs on the way may include Anchorage and Juneau. Once you reach Alaska you will almost definitely call in at the state`s largest tidewater glacier, Hubbard Glacier. At over six miles wide, this is likely to be one of the most impressive views you will ever see.

Increasingly popular in the last couple of years has been Egypt and the Red Sea. Choose between cruising the Nile and enjoying all that Egypt has to offer, including of course, the Pyramids or take a Red Sea cruise and see further afield enjoying the crystal clear waters and spectacular beaches.

Although you will spend a lot of time ashore, you will find plenty to do on board with a range of sports and other activities available. There are many different cruise options and it does not have to cost a fortune with many deals for cheap cruises available on line. You may even find that some of the top five star cruises are surprisingly affordable and with so many destinations available you are sure to find something that appeals.

Hidden Holiday Locations

We all look forward to holidays and with a whole host of destinations on offer both near and far, deciding where to go can be difficult. If you are planning for your next break, why not choose somewhere off the beaten track. Break away from traditional locations and ditch the crowds in favour of something different, somewhere luxurious or some place with cultural and historical significance.
Party in Ibiza

Some of the world`s most exclusive resorts and hotels are hidden away on secluded tropical islands spread throughout the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. Nowhere else on earth compares to the picture postcard images of crystal clear azure waters lapping onto the shore of unspoilt beaches set against a backdrop of tropical, lush vegetation. Close to the Caribbean and in an enviable isolated position in the North Atlantic, Bermuda is a great example of an island which so far has resisted the throng of tourists who flock to that part of the world and combines rich history in a tropical setting.

Sun-kissed Beaches – Goa

Islands provide a great theme for exploring some secret hideaways. Many tourists frequent popular destinations such as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Isles and the Greek islands. You may be surprised to know that even these well known island groups are home to smaller and undiscovered locations. Formentera, off the coast of Ibiza and La Palma and La Gomera, both part of the Canary Island formation, are perfect examples of relatively hidden holiday destinations. They retain all the charm of traditional Spanish resorts, are easily accessible and affordable yet have not succumbed to the mass influx of tourists.

Far flung destinations across the globe are simply waiting to be explored by the discerning traveller. Some previously inaccessible areas are now opening up and gearing more towards the tourist market, but whilst visitor numbers remain low, now is the perfect time to retreat to a hidden holiday location. From the small ski resort of Andorra to the tumbling scenery of the Canadian Rockies, the rainforest paradise of Madagascar to the wildlife sanctuary of Borneo, all are true gems.

Some of the most wonderful places to visit can be found within the British Isles. The Jurassic Coast in Dorset and the counties of Somerset and Cornwall are attractive destinations to British tourists with Devon cottage rentals a popular choice each year. A trip to the Scilly Isles, off the south west coast and the Channel Islands are a great way to explore some of the best kept secrets that this area has to offer.

Finding the Best Cruise Package

A cruise is often considered the height of holiday luxury, a floating hotel with entertainment and activities laid on and many locations visited without unpacking and repacking your suitcase over and over again. You can cruise all over the world. The Caribbean, the Mediterranean, even Alaska are offered as cruise routes. When choosing your cruise you need to set out a few things first such as your budget, what kind of places you want to see, how hot you want it to be and how far you want to travel before you get on-board ship.

Cinque Terre National Park

You can take a cruise from a UK port or fly to another country to board you cruise-liner. For those who don`t like flying, a UK departure might be appealing, others may like to see more of the world and enjoy the flight as part of the holiday. You can do a cruise that has only one flight, either flying to a start point for the cruise and cruising home or vice versa. It is worth mentioning that if you choose a cruise that starts from the UK and has a flight to get home you may need to leave time to recover from any jet lag you may experience.

There are many benefits to cruising; firstly you can spend your time just relaxing if you want. You don`t need to worry about where you`ll be eating or what currency to use and you don`t need to take a taxi to get there; it`s just a question of going to the right deck. Secondly you can see several different places on one holiday, for instance a Mediterranean (or Med) cruise may take in the Greek Island and Athens, Venice and Croatia. Whereas travelling by plane would mean at least five flights, security checks, baggage carousels and endless waiting around. Not so with a cruise, all the time you`re travelling you`re relaxing.

Captivating Dubrovnik

First time cruisers often choose to start with a Med cruise as there are a number of benefits, the destination ports on the cruise route will mostly use the Euro as currency, so spending money is easy during any excursions. The climate is warm but not oppressively hot or humid and you can have a holiday which lasts as little as seven days.

Prices for cruises vary depending on length of holiday, distance being travelled, type of cabin and rating of the ship. Although they sometimes seem expensive, when you factor in the food, entertainment and additional travel/transfer costs a normal package holiday doesn`t include, but are often essential, they are as good, if not better, value for money. One of the best things about Med cruises is that, because they are relatively close to the UK, the travel costs are lower, meaning you can afford to take a longer holiday or book upgraded on-board accommodation for your trip.

Traveling Confident

Hold Tight to Your Spirit of Independence

To get out of your comfort zone, to leave the warmth of hearth and home and to travel to the far
corners of the big, wide world can be slightly daunting to most people. There is a feeling of excitement, a keen quickening of the senses and an air of excitement that can barely be contained.

The keen feeling tends to last right through your journey and also tends to keep your senses in a heightened state of flux and excitement. This is usually a good sign and an enjoyable health bonus that an individual unfailingly receives from the experience of travel. It means that new neural pathways are being created in the brain in preparation for all the new experiences and mental stimulation that would need to be stored in your mind.

However, this also tends to bring on a little feeling of timidity due to changed circumstances and unfamiliar surroundings. It is this timidity that tends to open up the traveler for exploitation in many countries of the world. This is the negative side of the travel experience.
This is the aspect of travel that I shall be dealing with in this article.
As a tourism professional promoting both, International Travel from India for Indian Nationals and tour packages to India for overseas visitors to India, I have had ample opportunity to observe different levels of timidity in travelers from various countries around the world. I have also observed the different unhappy situations of psychological attack and brow-beating that this emotion can attract to an individual.
As humans, we may have evolved a fair way up the order of creation. However, exploitation is one animalistic tendency that we haven’t left very far behind on our evolutionary path.
You are likely to bump into really grumpy and nasty immigration officials and passport control personnel. If the man at the other end of the counter senses your nervousness and timidity a little strongly, it is likely that he will immediately go into sadism-mode and turn a simple, everyday procedure into absolute torture.
See what I mean? There were other travelers at other counters being waved through breezily by cheerful-looking officers. But you had to bump into that one, mean-looking guy. And he’s really warming up to the grilling he’s putting you through. But the fact is that he has to let you go through. You’re neither a terrorist nor a high-profile international criminal with a red-corner alert out for you. You’re just nervous. But that’s the point: you don’t need to be nervous. You just need to sit back and enjoy your holiday.
Then again, you’re on a guided tour, your bus makes a scheduled stop at some monument. You’re enjoying the guide’s commentary and the excitement of photographing one of the most impressive historical monuments in the world. Then you suddenly realize that you are being given a real hard sell by the local, hot-shot curio salesman. His persistence succeeds in getting you into one of his favorite carpet shops or some such, much against your better judgement. There you meet up with his older brother, an even more insistent and persistent individual who has already got you cut and dried and nailed to the fence, in his mind. By the time he lets you off, you soon find yourself more than a few quid lighter in pocket and lugging around a rather monstrous and unnecessary package that you have no place for, by the time you reach home.
It’s a wonderful feeling, when you are actually in the mood for shopping and you are overjoyed to pick up a prize that you have been searching for, for a long time. But I have seen more than a few travelers that ended up buying stuff they were not interested in because they were too just timid to say no.
The point that I am trying to make here is that you really don’t need to let someone push you around just because you are a visitor to their country. You are more than ten times likely to bump into obnoxious individuals and rather shady characters when you travel than if you had stayed home. It could be Hong Kong, New York, London or New Delhi. There is no nationality for rudeness or exploitation.
It’s you who has to make up your mind before you leave home that you are going to enjoy your holiday and that you are going to retain your freedom of choice by being calm and in control of the situation where ever you go. And that you will allow no one to come between you and an enjoyable holiday.
A simple decision is all that it takes to ensure that you enjoy your holiday, no matter where in the world you decide to travel.