Mañana-land, Feni & More …

Goa is a fun place to be. When you visit Goa, chances are that you may not be able to find enough time to actually enjoy to the hilt. There are so many exciting activities and entertainment options in Goa that one tends to get confused as to which one to try first. Tourists visit Goa with just one priority in mind – enjoying to the fullest. It is a heaven for relaxation, enjoyment and living life to the full.

Goa spoils all visitors for the sheer variety of fun things to do. There is

something to suit every imaginable taste and personality.
If you are the laid back type who believes firmly in mañana, then the beaches bathed in glorious sunshine throughout the day are for you. You can acquire a fantastic suntan, collect a lovely variety of shells or just spend time sampling the exotic fare that is available at the numerous, local beach shacks.

If you like adventure, there are various water sports that are much in vogue in Goa. In case you connect with nature and wish to explore, then you must head for the various wildlife sanctuaries spread over Goa such as Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and more. Some of the old ruins of historical forts will speak to you of Goa’s past.

Of course, your main pleasure would come from enjoying the sheer beauty of the beaches of Goa. Enjoy the softness of the golden sands underfoot, take a dip in the warm, gentle, soothing sea or just let the water lap at your feet on the edge of the beach, build sand castles, buy knick-knacks and small souvenirs at the local shacks. Goa is the original lotus-eaters’ paradise.

Then there are the glittering casinos, pubs that throb to a variety of musical entertainment and restro-bars that add to the scintillating glamour of an evening out in Goa. These watering holes cater to the entertainment needs of a variety of international tourists from around the world.

And then there are the famous trance parties. They are full of life and cater unashamedly to unadulterated pleasure.
Goa is synonymous with shopping. Not the glitzy, glamourous high-street shopping; but definitely ethnic, chic and very typically Goan: curios, clothes and more.

A Luxury Yacht Cruise to Discover Goa’s Most Secluded Beach

Goa is going upmarket with the addition of a French-manufactured, luxury catamaran that can accommodate 6 passengers in 3 well-appointed cabins that are the ultimate statement in luxury. 
The public areas in the yacht are a fashionable style statement with richly-polished wooden floors and furniture.

No more does a trip to Goa mean just being beach-bound to soak up the sun and doing a round of the many beach shacks that dot the beaches everywhere.  You can now give in to your yen for freedom and adventure by sailing off into the beckoning blue Arabian sea regally esconced on your private sundeck. Discover a secluded beach with a clear, clean sweet water pool.  This beach is one of Goa’s best-kept secrets.  It is difficult to approach from the hinterland and is thus virtually unknown, except to the privileged few or the hardy odd, intrepid trekker.
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