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As destination experts,
we help you design
your own, epic tailor-made
luxury tours and customised
luxury holidays around
your personal interests.
Create awesome
luxury holidays and
luxury travel experiences
to surprise yourself.

travel your way

We help you design your own luxury holiday packages in India and various top-of-the-line worldwide destinations, based on the time of year that you would like to travel, the time that you have at disposal and more especially, the budget that you would like to allocate for your customized luxury holidays.

Luxury travel doesn’t have to cost the earth. We help you get more value for your money on your luxury holidays worldwide and more so, on luxury tours in India.

Get priceless insider perspectives and unique insights into the tapestry of cultural values that have shaped communities in the places you visit on your luxury holiday packages.

Travel your way. At your own pace. Independently.

It’s your holiday. Why be herded along?


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Luxury Vacations
Outbound tours from India
Tailormade holidays in India
Destination management services in India and around the world

Lofty Monastery in Himachal

Worldwide Holidays was established in the year 2008. With an impressive work experience of more than 20 years in luxury tourism, we specialise in tailor-made tours around the world.

Through these pages, we take you to some of the most desirable destinations you could think of. In some of the most diverse corners of the world.

We research our programs extensively. We seek out only the best and most genuine local experiences in those parts of the world that we operate in.


Your Vacation. Your Way. Privately.


Classic Holidays Around the World

India Tours & Worldwide Holidays

Given alongside are some classic
holidays in select locations that
never seem to lose their appeal.

Build your dream holiday around any of the basic programs given alongside.

Include nearby places that you’ve always wished to visit. Spend more time in the cities you like.

If time is a constraint, we will help you plan how to maximise the experience in the shortest time.

We give here some of the holidays in different parts of the world that have been long time favourites. They have an eternal appeal that never fades. Any of these programs could be the starting point of an exciting adventure of your own.


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